Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I had posted a couple weeks ago that I was hoping to get a plot in our community garden at the new park where I live. Last night was the lottery drawing and I got a plot!! I am now the proud owner of an 8x19 size piece of land to plant on. Now I know for those of you who live in rural areas, this does not sound like a big deal. BUT, for us city dwellers, this is like getting a piece of heaven. It is kinda late in the season for planting, but I will be out selecting plants from the garden centers to plant this weekend. I may not be able to make any new cards this upcoming weekend, but don't rule me out, be sure to check back.


Aunt T said...

How exciting for you. Do make sure to post some pictures of the items you plant. I do live in a rural area and complain everytime I have to mow our large lawn but I also do appreciate the beautiful plant life that Mother Nature has blessed us with. What you are doing is awesome. Can't wait to see those pictures :)


Selena said...

Well "BIG" congratulations to you Lee! I know how much you wanted that, and having lived in downtown Toronto for 5 yrs. I know how much it will be appreciated. That's why I'll never go back to city life! It may take us 2 hrs to mow the lawn, but I'd never give up for anything! Make sure you post a picture.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Yeah!!!!
Lee, so glad you got your very own garden plot. You will have so much fun picking out fun things to plant. Please do post a picture of your flower garden!!

Debbie G said...

Good for you Lee!! I can see why you would want that little lot with living in the city. You are going to enjoy many hours planting!! Have lots of fun doing it!

~Carla~ said...

Congrat's!! :) I think it's wonderful! Have fun with it!