Saturday, August 25, 2007

More trials and tribulations of my Leo

Poor Leo, he had to go back to the vets for his excessive licking and itching. It had been just a month since his last visit. The vet said everything looked fine, his weight was the same as last month, he has been eating, playing, going to the bathroom, all very normal. He was fine, except for his itching and licking. I was worried that this might be a sign of his Feline Leukemia acting up. But the vet said he sees a LOT of cats and dogs at this time of the year with allergies. Unlike people, who get itchy eyes and sneeze, cats don't do that, they itch and lick excessively. Thank goodness, this time he had not broken open his skin anywhere. He had his booster shots and was wormed, so he appears to be itching less already this morning. It is coming up to one year since we found this wonderful kitty and I do believe God sent him to me. Words cannot tell you how much I love this cat.


Anonymous said...

Lee so glad that the vet says that Leo is healthy.
I am sure that Leo feels just as blessed as you do about him. He looks very happy and content and and I am sure he loves being your king. :)


Ijsbeer said...

Glad he appears healthy. I heard a lot of cats do the licking/itching thing. Your cat is beautiful:)
Hope he stops licking/icthing so much!

And its nice to see you love him so much:) People shouldn't have pets if they cannot cherish them so its lovely to see you do:)

~Carla~ said...

Leo is gorgeous! I'm glad he's ok!!! :) ((hugs))

P.S - check out my blog post yesterday my dear! ;)

Pattyjo said...

Leo is such a pretty cat. I hope things go well with him. Hes a lucky cat to have you!

ayah said...

Thank you, all of you, for answering my ramblings on my beautiful Leo. He seems to be doing much better today, even though it was near 100 here today, and ssssoooooo humid. Just 2 days ago, it was in the 60's! Only in New England.

crafty al said...

Your beautiful picture of Leo has inspired the "tag" I made for you.
Check out my site for more details:

Jodi JE said...

I didn't think of cats getting allergies but it makes sense. Poor Leo. I hope the next few months are to hard on him.

cards by designs said...

I hope that he gets better. its so hard to have our beloved pets sick. J.

CAKVD said...

Leo is georgeous! I have always been a cat lover. I grew up in the country with lots of outdoor cats and all my childhood memories invove cats! I hope Leo stays healthy!
Cheryl KVD

Wife2TJ said...

He is so absolutely handsome :-)

I work at a vet hosp and we do get ALOT of animals in with allergies, so hopefully that is all it is. He's so cute!