Thursday, June 19, 2008

New kitten pictures

Here are some new pictures of our 4 1/2 week old litter of rescue kittens. They are almost impossible to get a picture of as they are constantly moving around. They are going to be going to a no-kill shelter for adoption along with their mom. We have adopted all our cats from them and the people who work there are fantastic. I feel very fortunate we have been able to get on the waiting list with the kittens.


Gloria said...

Lee, the kittens are sooo cute! TFS!

Anonymous said...


The kittens are absolutely adorable.


Jenni said...

Oh my its a good thing I don't live closer to you because I would ahve me a new kitty!! TOO CUTE!

Anonymous said...

These are the cutest little kittens I have seen!!!
They do look quite lively. :)
In the picture of the calico kitty she looks like she is dancing for joy.
The tortoise color one looks so sweet also.
Enjoy your little bundles of fur!!! :)

Linda B.

Joyce said...

The kitties are precious, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, Love the photo's of the kittens they are really cute, it will be difficult to give them up when they are ready to go, I am sure. Enjoy them while you can.....

Loved the photo's of the beautiful garden.

I lost my kitty of 16 years recently =( and went to the shelter and adopted a one year old cat that came out of a home were there had been 51 cats.

Hope you and Diane are well, and the little furballs ofcourse!