Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No work, probably no garden today

This is my last day of my "mini vacation". I had hoped to spend it at the garden, but alas, today is not a good garden day. We are expecting some fierce thunder/lightening storms throughout the day, sure don't want to get stuck in one of them. Last night was some of the fiercest thunder storms I've heard in some time. Right now, it is humid and not raining and the sun is overcast. The rain last night was one of those that came in a straight downpour, all I could image was the beating some of the flowers were taking by the force of the downpour, but happy the garden was getting a good deep watering. I'm off to do some garden blog hopping. Happy day to all.

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Gloria said...

We have had lots of rain this year. Sorry you couldn't garden today.