Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mr. Lucky daylily

Can you say hello to Mr. Lucky?   Diane bought this variety because she has a cat she rescued off the street about 5 years ago and she called him Lucky.  And lucky he was to find this family.  He has needed to go on thryoid medicine, has had all of his teeth (except for a couple) pulled due to dental disease.  He needs to see the vet every 4 months for regular checkups.  The vet has estimated his age at at least 18 years old.  He is on his last leg of life as of now.  Diane gave him the best life he possibly could have had.  He is pictured below at around the time he was rescued from the street.


Gloria said...

Lovely Luckies!!!!

Gloria said...

You must be glad that you have this great pic. Lucky certainly was a lucky cat to have lived such a long life and time with your family was the best.