Friday, August 6, 2010

Good By Mr. Photogenic (aka "Lucky")

We lost our Lucky yesterday due to old age.  He was pathic looking to the end, but in spite of him being thin, he still enjoyed his life.  His demise came quickly, he refused an evening meal, by the next morning Diane could tell he was in a rapid decline.  Diane called and vet, and together with sister and dad, they took him for his last car ride.  We (and the vet) guessed his age at somewhere in the 18+ years of age.  He came to us back in 2004 off the streets.  Little did we know then how old he really was.  He was loved.  Whoever threw him away missed out on a lot of love.

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Gloria said...

So sorry about the loss of a beloved pet but know that he was well loved.