Monday, April 18, 2011

East Boston Parrots


The parrots have not been heard from or seen in probably 3 weeks.  Our area has 2 large hawks that have taken up residence near the park.  I fear the hawks may have caught the parrots.  Their nest is falling apart.  This saddens me!  If you are from East Boston and have seen or heard the parrots, please do reply to this post or email me.

Remember I told you last week about the Parrots in the Park. Diane managed to get some pictures of them at the Garden today.  The day was very overcast at the time, but here they are.  As far as we know, there are 3 of them now.  In case anyone doubts the story, just look at the last picture with all the Boston Higway signs.  :)  If you click on the pictures, either once or twice, the picture will enlarge and you can see the parrots much better.


Gloria said...

Wow, didn't know parrots lived in Boston.

Lee said...

Yes, the Parrots have been here for the past two years. Don't have a clue where they came from, but some think they may have been blown in from CT where the electric company (United Illuminating Co) was tearing down the nests of a huge colony. It is just amazing they are hardy enough to survive our cold winters. I am quite fascinated with them and plan on reporting on them frequently.