Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orange/Yellow Columbine

This is the yellow/red columbine plant that grew from seed from the original mother plant.  It looks impressive this year.  The tight fencing is from my neighbor's garden.  He is growing corn on the side of my garden, so he put this fence to help keep his garden in "his" garden.

You can see the mother plant in the background of this picture.  I think it is probably in it's last year, I will need to divide it to keep it going.  Have to find out how and when is the best time to do the dividing.  If you know, please do post here for me.  The front of this picture shows the most beautiful Heuchera, I've had this plant for the 5 years I've had the community garden now.  It got frost heaved out of the ground back in 2009.  Had to divide it and move it, boy, did this plant react to that.  I thought I had lost it, but in 2010 this plant came back hail and hardy.  It looks super this year.  The color is so different that this picture shows.

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