Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sad day, neighbors cut down a HUGE tree

I don't know why they cut it down except maybe it had gotten too big for the neighborhood.  Amazing, this tree was cut down in a matter of about 3 hours.  They started at the bottom cutting off branches, then cut off huge pieces of just the trunk as they came down the tree.  You can see how our backyards are full of trees and shade.  A little piece of quiet from the hot streets.  The last picture is of my neighbors yeard.  The cable hanging came down in the storm we had just a few days ago.  Cable needs to come out and tie them back up.  You can see how this tree towered over all the houses in the background.  Click on either of the photos and you can actually see the tree surgeon while he was in the process of cutting the tree down :(

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Gloria said...

I was wondering if the storm was bad in your area.