Friday, August 31, 2007

Garden update - good and bad

This week has been an interesting one at the garden. My squash plants all have perished to the ugly mildew. I just did not have the time or energy to fight this. It seems that it has swept through the garden attacking everyone's squash. I pulled up completely two of the 7 plants. One of the others *appears* to be trying to set some fruit, will have to check today to see if they have developed. I did pick over 2 pounds of green beans last weekend. While watering on Wed. I noticed that I need to pick some more, the plants are very prolific. Our pepper plants are heavy with peppers, I know I will be picking some today (if the looters didn't get them over the past 2 days). I did pick one eggplant which my daughter said was the best one she's ever eaten. The tomatoes are still holding their bright GREEN color, and if they ever decide to turn, I will have a bushel of tomatoes. The herb bed I planted is growing like crazy and gets tons of comments from the gardeners. Unfortunately, it looks like my much hoped for butternut squash plants already have the mildew virus and look doomed, but the Okra and Brocolli looks good. My beets never even sprouted. Radishes will be ready to pick on Monday (29 days). Our flowers are just glorious (both mine and my daughter's). Nothing exotic, but who would have ever thought that Marigolds could be so stunning. These flower heads are the size of mums! There has been a lot of theft from all the gardens, it appears that people are helping themselves to everyone's garden, from my tomatoes to celery. Squash, tomatoes, cukes, radishes have all be stolen from people's gardens. I'm telling you, when someone jumps over a locked fence area, under the cloak of darkness, how can they NOT know what they are doing is wrong!! I'm telling you, if I ever caught anyone, I would be writing my blog either from the hospital or heaven, because even at my age, I would go NUTS!! and probably get the s*** beat out of me. I hear there is a Fall Festivle on Sept. 9th at the other park where the gardens have been for 11 years, but I will have nothing to compete with. My friend Linda has sent me her favorite apple pie recipe so I can enter the pie baking contest. If anyone would like to share their favorite pie recipe with me, please do.


Anonymous said...


The garden sounds glorious. The marigolds are absolutely stunning.
Don't worry about people stealing your food if i was closer i'ld be right behind you kicking a little b*&&. Noone steals my friends food and gets away with it.
Donna - NY

Anonymous said...

The marigolds are fabulous!! The bright color of the flowers with the dark green leaves is stunning. I do hope that you are able to harvest your garden veggies before the looters come in the dark of night. That really makes me angry that people would do that...but then this is a very crazy world we live in these days.
Hope you make the apple will become one of your favorites too. Make 2 one for you and one for the festival. Enjoy!!!
Have a great long weekend. :)


Pattyjo said...

Oh I think that is aweful for people to steal others garden efforts and hard work. Its not right and they will not get away with it. If they get away now, they will have to answer eventually. God sees it all. I'm sorry to hear that. I really am. My DH works hard on his garden and it gets messed with every once in awhile. Its just a shame.

dasimonds said...

Your Marigolds are beautiful.
So sorry to hear about your garden theft.
Good Luck in your pie contest.
Apple Pie is my favorite too.

ayah said...

I picked one of the marigolds yesterday, took it home and measured the bloom, it is 2 1/2 " across the bloom. Pretty good size. I am thinking of possibly doing a flower arangement using the marigolds for the Festivle.