Monday, September 10, 2007

Garden - vertical planting

Back in July I said I would report back on how I thought the vertical garden was for me this year. Well, for the most part, I think it was a disappointment for me. The zucchini and squash did not seem to like it, anywhere I had to tie them up, the plant died. The plants on the vertical cages (tomatoe type cages) did not grow as full or produce any vegetables at all. I lost all my cuke plants, both in my garden and my daughter's. They did not like it at all. One of the other gardeners had planted cuke plants in a raised bed and even though they started out great, as the plant started to set veggies, the plants died. I am also disappointed in the tomatoe cages I used this year. They really did not support the weight of a fully loaded tomatoe plant, the cages bend under the weight of the rippening tomatoes.
I've got to find something else for next year if I am to grow squash and cukes. My tomatoe plants are so tall, 6 feet tall, all loaded with green tomatoes. After the theft last month, the plants have gone on to give me more tomatoes than I'll ever be able to eat. My one heirloom plant, the Brandwine, did not set any fruit at all, having suffered the broken branches of the thiefs. Funny, it has grown taller since the theft, but has not set any flowers at all. All along I"ve been tempted to pull it up, but just couldn't for some reason.
The okra, brocolli and butternut squash plants are growing marvelously at this time. They were planted from seed on Aug. 5th. Since they are cold weather plants, I am hoping for some yield from them this year.
Oh yes, my green bean plants have been so proflic, I've picked all I can possibly eat, given away lots, and the plants are still producing beans like crazy. Next year, I will add some type of support for them even though they are a bush bean.
My flowers are just lovely and have been my one constant joy of the garden this summer.
I will report that garden theft has hit most everyone in the community garden. Sometimes, entire plants have been pulled up (herbs). I am going to give the garden a go next year, but if the theft continues, I don't think I will have the desire to continue. Too much work to just have outsiders climb the fence in the clock of darkness and STEAL the veggies!


mnhyrkas said...

you sure have learned alot about your gardens. I hope that this next harvest will be plentiful and that the veggie nabbers will stay away!

Anonymous said...

You have tried several things in your first garden and learned so much. That is really what gardening is all about trial and error. Our garden this year has been a big disappointment as our weather was just too hot. We have not had any tomatoes for several weeks now. I am hoping as the weather cools a little the garden will start producing again.
Maybe you should wire a little electric charge up to that fence around the garden. :)


Ijsbeer said...

I am sorry people steal from your gardens. What a horrible thing to do. Maybe you can have some kind of trap system next year?

Only thing that people steal here is appels. Did too as a child before I knew better but only from gardens with tons of apple trees. And just one apple, two max. Kids do from our garden too. We cannot eat them all anyway so we don't mind. But stealing vegetables and stealing things from smaller gardens is just extremly bad. I hope karma comes back and bites them big time!