Monday, August 18, 2008

Mystery Plants-Any idea what it is?

You probably can't see this plant good enough to identify it for me. I "thought" it was a Blue Aster plant, but it has grown so large, at least 3 feet tall, I'm wondering if I've been lovingly cultavating a WEED all Summer long. If it is an Aster, this corner of my little garden is going to be spectular when it blooms next month. I have my beloved Shasta Daisy in front of it. This plant overshadows my huge mums that are behind it.


Anonymous said...

Hummmm your mystry plant is sure a mystery to me.
I have several things that come up in my garden every year and they are usually just weeds. LOL
If your plant blooms you will have to share what the mystery plant really is!!!! ;)


Gloria said...
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Gloria said...

Lee, my shasta daisy and black eyed susans aren't doing as well as yours. They cannot compete with the coneflowers.