Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, I decided to join a CSA this year.  In the past three years, I only grew a few vegetables at the community garden, but the theft from the gardens got so bad I was going to either get kicked out of the garden for being so bitchy, or get seriously hurt from attacking someone if I ever caught them stealing from the garden.  Neither option was a good one, so when I heard about the CSA, Community Supported Argiculture, see this link I decided to join.  This one is with Connors Farm, see this link:  Besides the fact that I figured I was saving someone's life (probably my own), I thought it would be nice to save some money.  Well, I am going to blog about the CSA this year and how much I am saving.  Each week is suppose to equal approximately $30 in produce.  Today's haul from the farm included a lot of salad greens, so after using up almost a roll of bounty towels, I thought I would go out and buy a salad spinner.  So, off to Bed, Bath and Beyond I go.  No problem, there are many salad spinners to choose from.  I happen to like the XOXO brand, so I got there.  Cha-Ching!! $30, plus tax, spent on a salad spinner.  I also had to buy some thermal grocery bags and a bag of ice on the way to the farm.  It is Summer and I did not want all the salad greens to wilt, so the bags and ice, Cha-Ching, another $10!!!  Are you keeping track???  I spent $40 this week towards the CSA.  We will keep a running tally of monies spent as we go along.

No pictures from the garden today, we were suppose to have a garden meeting and clean up today, but it was raining, so this will be next week-end now.  I hope to get to the garden tomorrow to weed.  I leave you with a picture from a few days ago of a flower in my garden.  This is a Marigold.  Such a common flower, but this is such a pretty variety, don't know the name of it.

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