Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oriential Lily

This is an Oriential Lily plant in memory of my daughter's cat (named Lily) that died 3 years ago from FIP.  Last year it had the most magnificant pink flowers as big as dinner plates.  Originally she planted 2 bulbs, but one looked sickly and looked like it died the first year.  Last year, only one bulb came up and bloomed.  This year, due to her planting all her Daylilies, she had to move the bulb.  When she was digging it up, she cut into the bulb and we figured it would probably die this year, but she planted it anyways.  Not a week goes by and in the original place where we thought the original bulb had died, what do we see?  You guessed it, a new lily pushing it's way up in the ground.  She then dug it up and planted it next to the other one.  These two lilies are growing like trees, with stems as thich as anything.  Today while taking pictures she was surprised to see that the lily is sending out blooms.  Look at how many there are.  This plant blooms in mid August so did not expect to see blooms on the plant so early.  Stay tuned for periodic updates on this lily.

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