Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is a nice closeup of the group of pink Hollyhock in bloom.  I did not know the colors when I planted them, all I had was 10 tubers in a package that said mixed colors.  I was hoping for some yellow, but did not get that color in the mix.

There has not been many photos over the past 10 days.  It has been so HOT, too hot to be walking to the garden.  Yes, it has really been that hot, and it is continuing this week.  Lots of rain, so I've not had to do much watering.  The humidity has been really high too.    I am not really a hot, summer type person.  I much prefer the cooler weather of late September and October.


Gloria said...

love the color

Gloria said...

It has been sooooo hot and humid here this year. Too hot to enjoy yard work.

Gloria said...

Those hollyhocks are gorgeous. Maybe you could send a few seeds to Iowa> :)