Thursday, July 14, 2011

Introducing Timmy

As you all know both Diane and I feed a colony of feral cats.  The Spring and early Summer is a horrible time as that is when all the mommas are having kittens.  One of the mommas for whatever reason, abandoned this poor little kitty.  For days, we could hear a kitten crying coming from far out in a neighbor's back yard.  Then, one day, we saw this tiny, tiny kitten, all by itself.  It wanted to come to the food we put out, but it was pushed away by the other bigger kittens and all the mothers.  For 3 days, we watched, wanting to catch this tiny kitten.  Finally, on the 3rd day Diane was able to walk right up to it and pick it up.  The kitten was near death.  She nursed it back to health, which really only took 2 days.  This kitten must have been the tiny runt, as it did have its back molars coming in.  This happens around 8 weeks of age.  The kitten knew how to eat and as small as he was, he would eat the hard crunchy food.  He has been inside now for about 10 days, is gaining weight (he weighed 1 pound, 7 oz. when he was weighed at day 2 of us having him).  He is healthy, eating, playing and gaining weight now.  She is going to foster him till he is big enough to get neutered, then he will go to a shelted for adoption.  Here are a few pictures.  His eyes flashed in all the pictures, but you can see how little he is:

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