Thursday, September 13, 2007

I picked 5 pounds of tomatoes tonight

I stopped by the garden on the way home and I picked a big bag of rippening tomatoes. I weighed them when I got home and it was 5 pounds. I will be swimming in tomatoes pretty soon. I have to say, my Okra, Broccoli and Butternut squash plants are looking good so far, growing nicely. Did I tell you I have one cantalope plant that is growing a lonely fruit? Don't have a clue as to where it came from. After cutting back my zucchini plants to practically nothing, would you believe they are growing up again, with actual fruit growing? The peppers are getting big again. The green beans are on their fourth harvest, but I don't like the taste of them now. I will probably pull them out without harvesting this last round. That is about it for my latest garden report


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are harvest is bountiful this week from the garden. Wish I had a few of those tomatoes because ours quit producing a few weeks ago. You will need to get you a wagon to use to bring home your vegetables. :)


Linda SS said...

Those tomatos look so yummy! My cherry tomato plant is producing well, but the larger one isn't. I noticed that a Linda won your blog candy #13. I'm assuming it was the other Linda so I didn't respond, but if it was me, please let me know:)

~Carla~ said...

Sounds fabulous! Gotta love fresh, home grown veggies!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow they look good and sound good. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes. You are making me want to garden again and it would be a lot of effort.


Ijsbeer said...

Yeah glad your garden is doing well now!! It finally stopped raining long enough for us to pluck some plumbs and appels:)

crafty al said...

Maybe you should invite Linda B over to help you make salsa with all of your tomatoes. I believe she made LOTS earlier in the week and may *need* to make some more. hee hee