Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blazing Star

OK, this is a new picture of a group of flowers I planted this year.  At Lowe's I got this package of bulbs of Blazing Star, Liatris spicata.  I've wanted this plant every year, but could not find it.  Anyhow, there it was on the shelf in bulb form, all neating packed in a package.  I took it home, waited a couple of weeks, then decided to plant the bulbs.  I was not aware that there were 50 bulbs in the package.  I planted all 50 of them, and it looks like at least 30 of them are coming up in this picture.  I found this about the Blazing Star on the internet:

The Cherokee used the bulb-like root in a preparation to treat intestinal gas, increase urination and to relieve backache. Practitioners of folk medicine used it to treat sore throats, kidney stones and even gonorrhea. It's use has been discouraged because if not prepared correctly ingesting the root can cause severe gastrointestinal upset and burning.  This flower sends up tall purple spikes for flowers.  You can see the spikes starting to form in both of these pictures.  The one at the top is a picture taken from ground level, the bottom pictures is taken from a standing position over the plants.

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