Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Annabelle Daylily FFO

Today was a very overcast day, only one new daylily open today.  This is a new fan that had not opened before.

It is called For Annabelle.  Description: The blooms are a light pink with a deeper rose pink edge, encircled in gold and splashed green at the heart. The pastel, cyclamen lavender-pink color intensifies just inside the heavily embellished quarter inch wide gold edges. The full, ruffled petals are overlapped and the sepals are rolled back. The texture is silky and diamond dusted, with sunfast color and firm substance.  Named to evoke the memory of the late Dr. William Dunbar, an orthopedic surgeon in Santa Barbara California. As a very little boy and then onward he always called his sister Annabelle. It was the last word he said to her on the phone, the day before he died of cancer at age 45.

Remember, FFO are not as perfect as successive blooms.  You can see how big the flower itself is by comparing to Diane's hand.  She takes the picture with one hand and holds the flower in the other.  Her camera has something called "stabilization".

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