Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Perfection Daylily with lots of scapes

This daylily is going to open soon.  This one is called White Perfection.  It has many scapes on it.  This daylily has diamond dust on the flowers too!

What is a scape you ask?  The scape of a daylily is a leafless stalk which bears the flowers. Most have two or more branches, each bearing several flower buds. Below the branches, the stalks have a few leaf-like "bracts." Sometimes, a small plantlet grows at the junction of a bract and the scape. This is called a "proliferation" and can be rooted to produce another plant.

Now, what the heck is diamond dust you ask!  Diamond dust is tiny crystals in the flower's cells reflect light, especially in the sun, to give the flower a sparkling or glistening appearance as if sprinkled with gold, silver, or tiny diamonds.

I can't wait for this one to open.

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