Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viola Orange Sorbet Duet

These little gems were seedlings this year from a plant Diane purchased last year at Home Depot.  These flowers bloomed almost all Summer right into the Fall.  I was very impressed and wanted some this year.  Well, her original plant died, but all these little seedlings came up everywhere in her garden (and in other garden plots too, heeeeheeeeeeee).  Diane was going with all Daylilies this year, so I collect all her Viola plants and put them in one section of my garden.  Here they are in full bloom still.  Aren't they cute!

Here is a description from the internet of these little darlings:

These compact, mound-shaped 6 inch plants produce an abundance of 1 inch flowers that combine the charm of violas with the amazing color range of pansies. Easy to grow, Sorbet violas are both heat and cold tolerant and will bloom over a very long season.

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