Monday, June 21, 2010

Becky Lynn and what exactly is a Daylily

What exactly is a daylily you ask.  Hemerocallis is the botanical name for daylilies, which means “beauty for a day.” Each flower only lasts for one day.

This is the only daylily in my garden.  It is called Becky Lynn. This is the second bloom on this fan.  Becky Lynn has been around for years, first coming out in 1977. Rose-pink with white midribs and a green throat. Very Fragrant  It is suppose to be fragrant, but I've not put my nose to it yet.

This is a rather small double fan, but it has lots of scapes coming up.  Today, two flowers bloomed.
  Polypetal - Most daylilies have 3 petals and 3 sepals for a total count of 6.  See picture on the top.  Polypetals have 8 or 10. The extras are all on the same level as the normal petals unlike doubles which are layered or have the extra petals/sepals sticking up into the air.  The picture below is Becky Lynn trying to be a Polypetal form.  It has 3 petals and 4 sepals.  The petals are the 3 top petals, while the sepals are the underside petals.

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