Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pictures from other gardener's at the community garden

This is called tickseed.  The flowers are a brilliant bright yellow that rise high above the foliage on long single stems. Each plant having numerous blooms that start in may and last well into august. It normally takes tickseed 2 years to get established.  Tickseed is a very easy plant to grow. It can tolerate drought as well as prolonged periods of moisture. It grows in partial shade to full sun in various soil types. The foliage makes an attractive ground cover throughout the year and the flowers add beauty to any flower arrangement.

This is called an Asiatic Lily.  An Asiatic lily is a lily in the genus Lilium. Plants in this genus are sometimes referred to as “true lilies,” reflecting the fact that they are botanically classified as lilies, rather than just being called “lilies” by people who are not knowledgeable about horticulture. True lilies are bulbs, and they have fleshy stems, blade-like leaves, and trumpet shaped flowers. The Asiatic lily is among the easiest to grow.

This is a container of Cornflowers one of the gardener's is growing.  They are a pretty sight.

This picture is a large established Lavender plant.  The lavender plant will produce long-lasting, fragrant flowers in the summer months. The purple-blue blooms, for which lavender is named, will grow on sturdy stalks up to 4' tall depending on the variety. Lavender flower pollen is mildly allergic to some people although this is rare. Bees and butterflies find the aromatic blooms attractive.

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