Friday, June 25, 2010

Mary, this post is all for you! A BIG thank you.

My friend at work, Mary, had been talking about her daylilies and how she needed to divide them since they were getting to be such a big clump. Well, imagine my surprise when she came into the office with this big bag with 100 pounds of dirt and the roots of daylilies.  I literally looked at the bag wondering how I was going to get it home.  I am no where near as strong (and young) as she was.  I decided to break up the clumps and cut the tops back like Diane had received when she ordered her daylilies.  It took me all week to get the clumps home.  I swear I put in the trash bin at work the other 95 pounds of dirt.  I bet the office cleaner was wondering where it all came from.  These are planted in the backyard and have been producing pretty lily flowers for some time now.  I have no idea what variety they are, but they are pretty.  They are in the shade for part of the day, so that may account for the color.  Thank you Mary for your gift of friendship.
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Gloria said...

Great friend and lovely lilies. These are in your backyard so now you won't need to go to garden to enjoy blooms.