Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is my white Scabosia.  The plant often is referred to as a pincushion flower because the stamens resemble needles stuck in a pincushion. The flowering plant grows as a perennial or annual depending on which growing region the seeds are planted in. The flowers will bloom in the early spring until frost arrives, if you deadhead.  Deadhead means to pick off the spent blooms.  I bought this plant at Market Basket, a food store here in Boston.  They had the best looking, healthiest and most reasonable priced plants this year.  I bought a lot of my flowers there this year.  This flower is on a 2-foot thin spike, right now it is the only flower on the plant.  I have a blue Scabosia which I've pictured here on the blog, but the plant is different.  The blue Scabosia is low growing with lots of foot long thin spikes with the blue flowers at the end.

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